Natural pain care through massage therapy

Integrative Touch and Bodywork

Natural Pain Care
Through Massage Therapy

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There are three major goals we wish to attain with this website. First and foremost, as educators, we are committed to enlightening the public about the use of advanced therapeutic massage techniques as a cornerstone of their health care practice. In the process, we hope to dispel myths about our profession due to media and social stereotypes.

We also want to introduce Integrative Massage as a unique tool for maintaining health and preventing common stress and work related injuries. Through our education, experience, and expertise, we are also qualified to assist and rehabilitate clients suffering from chronic pain.

We have networked with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Osteopaths and Yoga Instructors to provide alternative venues of preventative medicine outside of our scope of practice. We’ve also included some exceptional information about the History, Benefits and Types of Massage.

The second purpose of our website is to market our services as health care providers. Due to our reputation and skill, we often find ourselves working on and with doctors, students and other therapists. Although we’ve built our private practices primarily through networking and referrals, we are now looking to reach out to a wider market. We’ve attempted to include all relevant information about our clinic, including Frequently Asked Questions, Price List, Forms, as well as Contact information. We will continue to update this information as we evaluate recommendations from our clients and students.

Lastly, we are committed to providing a venue to disseminate massage and health information to massage therapists seeking to expand their current database of knowledge. As instructors, we feel responsible for the elevation of our profession by sharing our various resources of information. You can see this through our Massage Minute, Modalities and Web Search pages. In addition to these resources, we are billing ourselves as the clinic “Where Massage Therapists come for Massage Therapy.” In the tradition of ‘hands on learning,’ we continue to extend ourselves to massage therapist by offering a professional discount, which allows inquisitive therapists to experience our modalities first hand.

Please feel free to browse through this site and contact us with any general or specific questions about massage therapy. We have every intention of allowing this cyber-medium to evolve as our clinic evolves. For those of you that we’ve treated, we encourage you to submit any feedback or testimonials to our
e-mail address for self-assessment purposes. Thank you for your time and interest.

Tedy Narvaez, LMT
Owner, Educator

Mission Statement

Integrative Touch & Bodywork is a dynamic therapeutic clinic providing competent experienced massage therapists to the public.

We break the mold and shatter myths about massage therapy in our culture.
We strive towards this goal by educating the public, providing a diverse range of massage modalities and developing a strong rapport with the medical community.

To enlighten the medical community and provide an effective and collective form of integrative therapeutic bodywork we call Integrative Massage.

To design massage sessions in accordance with each individual’s goals and expectations.
We pride ourselves in providing a warm, pleasant environment that will facilitate healing for the patients and therapists.

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