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Massage Minute #45

Few teachers heal, less healers teach. To do both well, is a Gift.

Let your teacher be Love, itself
Rumi (1207-1273)

If the best way to teach is by example,
then the only lesson worth learning is Love.
Tedy Narvaez 071227

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A great article by pain management pioneer, Erik Dalton, that is both insightful and informative. Please be sure to read my comments in this file to see some minor variances in our approach at IT&B. I think that therapists & Fibro sufferers will find some new information in this piece.

Stephanie Mines has graced us with her first of two articles that focus on the integrative approach to healing that we at IT&B are so partial to. The language may be slightly different, but the lessons are the same. This is a highly recommended article, especially for those therapists who have been in the field for more than three years.

Art Riggs returns to the Massage Minute with the final installment of his Deep Tissue series (See previous Massage Minutes). This article is chock-full of ‘yummilicious’ techniques. Don't forget to click on the 'bubble' dialogue symbol to read my personal insights throughout the article.

Tracy Walton has written a concise article with great depth and detail on Cancer and Contraindications. This piece contains several great recommendations for therapists seeking to work with this population; including books, (active) links to websites and modalities.

It’s all in here. The results from a study on massage and its affects on joint pain, increased grip strength & anxiety/depression associated with Arthritis. Study after study continue to astonish the medical community on the efficacy of manual therapy with chronic pain. Let us all be thankful for this kind of research and the gift of touch.

Tedy Narvaez

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