Natural pain care through massage therapy

Integrative Touch and Bodywork

Natural Pain Care
Through Massage Therapy

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Promotions & Specials


Series Packages:

“Massage is not a luxury, it’s a healthy necessity”

3 massage package (@ $90.00/Hr.) $270.00 SAVE $30.00
5 massage package (@ $80.00/Hr.) $400.00 SAVE $100.00


Instant Rewards Referral Program - Referral Program flyer

No key tags to add to an overcrowded keychain or frequent shopper cards to punch. Plain and simple. For each and every paying referral you send us, you will receive a $10.00 credit towards your next session at IT&B. Thank you for being our #1 form of promotion.

IT&B Promo Flyer - Integrative Touch and Bodywork Flyer
IT&B Word of Mouth file -
Word of Mouth File

If we have helped you or someone you know please help us spread the word. Use our Word of Mouth file and our IT&B Promo Flyer to send to those who may be in need of our services.

Professional Discount for LMTs

In support of our hard working colleagues in the field and students of massage therapy, this one’s for you.

$70.00 Integrative Massage Sessions (that’s over 20% savings). Remind yourself how powerful educated touch can be. Find your balance by increasing your self-awareness, focus, learning and healing...Recharge!

Practice what you preach & enjoy the Benefits of Massage!


Student Discount
For all the hard-working pre-professionals:

Show us your Student ID and enjoy $80.00 sessions ($10.00 off) our Integrative Massage Sessions. Rollins, SCC, UCF, etc...

Come in and take a break from your long hours of study.

Testimonial Contest:

If you share your testimonial and we use it on our website, you will receive a Integrative Massage Session for $60.00

The information in your testimonials is not only helpful to future guests and clients, but it helps us improve our service in the future.

We have provided a Testimonial Guide to assist you in writing your testimonial or to be used as a questionnaire for this promotion.